Our Client Services

Our settlement and integration services are funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and The Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade MCIIT-Ontario. We aim to assist new immigrants and returning Canadian citizens upon their early arrival to Canada and throughout their settlement and integration process. We also extend our services to new immigrants before their arrival and to Canadian Citizens currently residing in Canada. Our settlement counsellors can help you with:
  • Information on immigration and the sponsorship process
  • Citizenship preparation and application
  • Applying for government documents like the Social Insurance Number, Health card, Driver’s License, registration of birth, etc.
  • Information and application for housing
  • Application to Ontario Works and other governmental income maintenance and support programs
  • Skill upgrading access to training (e.g. language classes and computer training).
  • Interpretation, advocacy and communication facilitation with government and community services for clients with language barriers.
We currently provide these services in Arabic, English and French. However, if you require assistance in any other language, we can provide you with the community resources you need. For further information and to book an appointment with one of our Settlement Counselors, please contact (613)236-0003 or (613)236-3111
Rita Attieh Settlement Counsellor with focus on Citizenship Development rita@lassa.ca ext. 226
Naim Assemani Crisis & Settlement Counsellor nassemani@lassa.ca  ext. 224
Leila Imeish NSP Social Service Worker limeish@lassa.ca ext. 227

The Accreditation and Evaluation service is one of LASSA’s services established to provide information, referral on evaluation and accreditation on foreign education; inform, facilitate and ease the foreign educated clients’ access to the Canadian labour market. This service is designed to address the specific needs identified by the individual newcomers, agencies, corporations, schools and other educational institutions over-viewing the types of documentation, with considerations to further education that are often required by community organizations and placement agencies and by officials working in the human resource area.

The Foreign Credentials Specialist can help you if you are looking to study and upgrade your education or work in Canada.

Services provided:

  • One on one information with regards to the different academic and professional assessment services in Canada and the provinces
  • Provide assistance and information on the Assessment of foreign credentials and the Canadian, Provincial and Regional labor market
  • Provide information and referrals to available federal, provincial and regional employment training programs
  • What and how and assessment report helps the client to achieve his/her personal career goals in Canada
  • Continuing education and educated newcomers outside Canada who must be quickly placed in the appropriate grade
  • Information and guidance on institution and Provincial Regulatory Bodies, that receives applications from international graduate newcomers educated internationally
  • Information on how organization and companies will benefit by considering applications for employment from those who have received education and/or training outside Canada
  •  Referral to appropriate regulatory or accreditation service provider
  • Info sessions and workshops in-house regarding foreign credentials; Info sessions at LASSA’S partners’ offices and local community services governmental and non-governmental agencies as
    requested (there is no charge for this service)

Our Intake Process includes:

  • Client needs assessment
  • Information on Federal, provincial and regional labor market and available training
    employment programs in Ontario and other provinces.
  • Identification of the client’s objective
  • Action plan
  • Referral to appropriate Professional Regulatory Body or Academic Accreditation Service and
    reviewing available regional or provincial employment training program criteria.
  • Assistance in filing appropriate evaluation and accreditation application
  • Reviewing of the client educational document/s
  • Referral to appropriate translation services
  • Referral to employment, training or educational available programs
  • Follow up

For further information and to book an appointment with our Credential Assessment Team please contact:

Sid SamahaForeign Credentials Recognition Officerssamaha@lassa.caext. 223
Maral BoudakianForeign Credentials Recognition Officermboudakian@lassa.caext. 225
Dounia RizkFCR Program Delivery Supportdrizk@lassa.caext. 228

Since employment and families financial stability is a main component for building strong and healthy communities, LASSA is currently providing the employment search support amongst our various services. The employment service is available under the Job Search Workshop Program JSW. The JSW is funded by IRCC and is delivered in collaboration with Local Agencies Serving Immigrants LASI partnership.

The service consists of two main components:

  • Individual assessment and employment counselling
  • The Job Search Workshops:
    • Occupation Blueprint
    • Job Search

In the JSW the client gets an opportunity to research the local labor market to enable them to assess their qualifications and build a progressive individualized action plan that suits their employment and professional development goals.

The topics covered include:

  • Labor market information
  • Skills inventory
  • Workplace culture
  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Interview and networking skills
  • Referral to other resources to facilitate employment like other newcomer employment services, placement agencies, bridging programs, mentorships, internships, job fairs and recruitment events, networking and volunteering opportunities and job maintenance support.

For further information and to book an appointment with our JSW Facilitator please contact:

Samia Ben Salah
(613) 236-0003 or (613) 236-3111 ext. 229

The counselling service has been established to support Syrian Refugees encountering difficulties with their resettlement and is available in English, French and Arabic. Long distance clients are welcome to access online counselling through Skype.

With support from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), LASSA will attempt to devise mitigating strategies to assist those who have experienced forced departure and its effects; the service aims to help all eligible refugees suffering from emotional and stress disorders as well those facing adaptation and family issues to process and adopt better coping and management strategies.

Crisis Counselling Service objectives

  • Identifying mental health problems within the newcomers population
  • Making appropriate community referrals (M.D, Psychologist, Psychotherapist etc.)
  • Responding to emotional distress experienced by newcomers as a result of migration, settlement and resettlement processes
  • Facilitating adaptation and integration into Canadian society

For further information and to book an appointment with our Crisis Counsellor please contact:

Naim Assemani
(613) 236-0003 or (613) 236-3111 ext. 224

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